Fingerprint scanning sdk

The future of biometric verification is here.

We are proud to announce the launch of our new fingerprint scanning software development kit (SDK), a revolutionary solution for identity verification. Our SDK is designed to make the process of biometric verification faster, easier, and more secure than ever before. Long queues, appointments, and endless wait times are a thing of the past – scan your fingerprints and carry out biometric verification anytime, anywhere.

What does the new SDK do?

With our SDK, you can easily integrate biometric verification into your existing systems and applications, and instantly link to the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) database of Pakistan to verify identities with complete accuracy. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures that the entire process is quick, seamless, and reliable. As long as you have the NADRA APIs, you can use Idenfo Direct to scan your fingerprint through your phone camera.

Online Biometric Verification through Fingerprint Scanning SDK

Why is it beneficial?

The benefits of using Idenfo Direct are numerous. Our solution is fast, secure, and convenient, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including financial services, healthcare, government, and many more. With our technology, you can verify the identity of your clients, employees, or customers with just a few taps or clicks, saving you time and reducing the risk of fraud or human error.

Idenfo Direct’s new feature is a game changer as it allows you to do something that would normally take a significant amount of time out of your day in minutes – all you need is your smartphone. Biometric verification is a key part of several essential processes, and offering this unique SDK makes the task of digital fingerprint scanning easy, simple, and direct.


With our SDK fingerprint scanning feature, sim issuance for telecommunication companies and customers becomes a streamlined and hassle-free process. Gone are the days of waiting at service centers or going through lengthy verification procedures. Now, customers can simply scan their fingerprints using their own phones, allowing for end-to-end self-service and 24/7 access. This not only saves time and effort for customers but also benefits businesses by reducing operational costs and enhancing customer experience. With Idenfo’s SDK, sim issuance becomes a seamless experience, providing convenience and efficiency to both customers and service providers.


Managing dormant bank accounts can be a challenging task for financial institutions. However, with the SDK fingerprint scanning feature, banks can now efficiently handle dormant account closures. As customers can conveniently give their biometrics online using their smartphones by scanning their fingerprints. This eliminates the need for in-person branch visits or complicated verification procedures, making the process much more convenient, time efficient and accessible. With Idenfo’s in-app ID&V and biometric solution, banks can remotely manage dormant accounts with ease, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing operational efficiency. Our SDK feature ensures a secure and seamless experience for both banks and customers, enabling efficient dormant account closures.


Insurance Claims/ Surrenders/ Partial Surrenders management can often involve time-consuming processes, including paperwork and manual verification. However, with the SDK fingerprint scanning feature, insurance companies can revolutionize their claims management process. The feature enables quick and secure partial surrenders in just 30 seconds, eliminating the need for signatures and making the process completely paperless. By leveraging Idenfo’s biometric in-app solution, insurance companies can streamline their claims management workflow, saving time and reducing the risk of fraud or errors. The SDK feature provides a 100% secure and efficient solution for insurance claims, offering a seamless experience for both insurers and the insured. With Idenfo’s SDK, insurance payments/ claims management becomes faster, more convenient, and highly secure.

Is the biometric verification process secure?

We understand the importance of privacy and security when it comes to biometric verification. That’s why we have taken every precaution to ensure that your data is protected at all times. Our SDK uses advanced encryption techniques to secure your data and prevent unauthorized access.

Our fingerprint scanning feature simply allows you to carry out your fingerprinting process anytime, anywhere. This can be used with your existing NADRA APIs to remotely scan your fingerprints through your smartphone camera and use your digital scans as needed.

We are confident that our new fingerprint scanning SDK will be a game-changer for the industry. We look forward to working with you to revolutionize the way biometric verification is done. If you’re interested in learning more about our solution and how it can benefit your organization, please contact us today.

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