How Background Screening Can Help Reduce Employee Fraud and Abuse

How Background Screening Can Help Reduce Employee Fraud and Abuse

Prohibiting fraud is possible by carrying out pre-employment screenings in any organisation through executing periodic screening of employees.

Pre-employment screening is a crucial stage in the recruiting process. It acts to reduce or eliminate many of the risks associated with hiring, such as high turnover, fraud, embezzlement, theft, and other issues. Pre-employment background screening is a must-have component in any interview process. However, it is vital to ask what happens once we hire an individual. Does the background check remain valid?

Idenfo carries out a thorough identity check by asking people to submit their official documents digitally, whether they are potential employees, business partners, or customers. The documents are automatically scanned and verified against existing databases and lists to ensure the person is not an immediate or obvious threat. The provided photos on the documents are also scanned to ensure that the documents all belong to the same person, and this is cross checked using biometric technology through a selfie that the person takes, to make sure the documents belong to the person applying.

The liveness check is a measure put in place to prevent biometric spoofing – this state-of-the-art feature requires the person to complete one or a few tasks live on camera, proving the applicant is a real person, live in that moment, and rules out the possibility of fabricated documents or videos. Once the verification is complete, the applicant is checked against watch lists and sanction lists to ensure that they are not a risk to your business.

Digitizing this process, and the concept of digital verification, means that customers only need to do this once, which is unlike traditional KYC processes, where customers would have to submit data for every bank application – with digital ID verification, customers online need one digital ID. This improves the experience of customers, employees, and potential partners significantly, by removing the pain points of traditional KYC/AML and ID verification, such as long queues and tedious processes. It is also worth mentioning that the automated practice of KYC verification is significantly faster than traditional processes, and by cutting third-party intermediaries and a full compliance team, the costs of digitizing actually end up being lower than the costs of sticking to traditional methods.

All in all, platforms like Idenfo have proved that they are not the future – they are present, and implementing a platform like this into our day to day work processes can only improve customer/employee satisfaction, reduce costs, and improve the overall safety and security of the business or institution using their array of features, especially ID check online.