How Tech is Changing the Hiring Process

How Tech is Changing the Hiring Process

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology as a means to ease long processes and more efficiently solve problems, it was only a matter of time until new technology started to be implemented into the hiring process. Hiring is a constant process that is always taking place for companies across industries, and all these industries stand to face similar problems that tech is looking to solve. One of these problems is in relation to the authenticity of the potential employees and their qualifications. It’s important to highlight the ways in which tech can change the hiring game to bring your organisation’s hiring process to a new level of simplicity and reliability.

Time taken to fill vacancies

One of the biggest problems recruiters face is the time it takes to fill positions in companies across industries. Studies show that it takes approximately 47 days on average to fill a sales vacancy using traditional hiring methods such as obtaining resumes organically, manually going through them, setting a time for an interview, carrying out the interview, performing a background check, and manually verifying the employee’s identity. When you factor in the costs of recruiting, it is clear that such a long time frame is not feasible for most companies, regardless of how big or small they may be.

Verifying Employees’ Identities

Another issue that recruiters and employers alike face, is the period of time it takes to perform a thorough identity verification check, along with other checks that are essential to hire someone safely. As technology advances and it has become easier to check who individuals are, it has also become easier for individuals to mislead and deceive recruiters. This is especially prevalent in a somewhat post-pandemic world, where organisations have begun to hire employees in a blend of in-person and remote positions. These issues stand out for recruiters and companies looking to hire, who are collectively looking towards solutions that can holistically improve the hiring process for both employers and potential employees, whilst also keeping the institution safe and reliable.

Digital ID Verification

Thanks to new technology that is being employed in certain platforms like Idenfo, these problems have a simple, easy, and direct solution. The solution comes in the form of a holistic platform that performs thorough and reliable Digital ID Verification through processes such as Name Screening, Biometric Facial Verification, and Liveness Detection. How this poses to solve the problems of recruits is that it not only automatically carries out the identity checks quickly and thoroughly, but also without the man-power required to manually carry out these checks. This removes a huge chunk of the cost to carry out these checks.

Digital Onboarding

These end to end platforms also allow organisations to start onboarding employees digitally, which overall speeds up the hiring process by carrying out all the necessary checks, raising any potential red flags, and organising the checked employees in a pool for the employer to check and onboard through. Digital onboarding is quickly coming up as the best way to onboard new hires, and it lowers the time and the cost of onboarding.

Screening and Onboarding with Idenfo Direct

Idenfo Direct is an end-to-end digital platform that allows you to easily verify and onboard your employees without compromising the safety of your organisation. Using Idenfo Direct, you can digitally carry out all ID checks through Name Screening, Document Verification, and Liveness Detection. Idenfo Direct also offers background checks and degree verification to ensure you cover every angle of ensuring your potential new hires are who they say they are.

With digital ID verification comes digital onboarding processes, which allow you to onboard your new hires in an efficient manner that is both time and cost-effective. Platforms like Idenfo Direct carry out these processes for your organisation digitally, freeing up the time of those who would previously have to carry out checks and onboard manually, while also removing the possibility of human errors or certain things being overlooked.

Idenfo Direct is a key platform in simplifying ID/background checks and digital onboarding.

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