Why background verification and criminal check industry is thriving

Why background verification and criminal check industry is thriving

Background checks are becoming increasingly common, making business transactions safer and bringing peace of mind to operators.

In today’s day and age, background checks have become increasingly prevalent. Businesses now integrate these ubiquitous screenings into their hiring procedure following preliminary interviews. The background check is traditionally performed manually- by calling previous employers, using personal connections in the police and other institutions, and calling people in the network to find out about an individual’s overall background.

However, with a plethora of applications waiting to be addressed, it is nearly impossible to manually enquire about each prospect in detail. Increased hiring has resulted in the rising need for digital identity and background verification platforms, which is why so many businesses depend on platforms like Idenfo Direct as their background check partner to perform thorough checks on individuals.

It’s no surprise that the background check market is thriving.

Upon seeing the rise in background checks, the question arises- why the sudden dependence on these checks before making onboarding and partnering decisions? Whether you add a new team member or partner with someone in your business, your investment and reputation are at stake. Relying on background checks before making any final decision has become the new norm to minimise your risk. Not only is it the most transparent way for you to verify who a person is and what they bring to the table, but digital verification platforms like Idenfo Direct are also the most objective and thorough, highlighting what stands out in an individual’s background.

A Safer Workplace

The peace of mind that comes with knowing you have hired the right team player is unparalleled and the biggest reason for requesting background screening. An employee is responsible for providing high-quality services to the client base. How they present themselves, handle critical feedback, and retain the clients’ trust – are all factors that collectively contribute to your business growth. It’s also important that your new employee adheres to company policies and values.

Without a thorough background check, employers are risking their company value and reputation, not knowing who the team members are. Most employees are on their best behaviour during the application and interview process. However, without a background check, you still wouldn’t know if they have been involved in political, criminal, or fraudulent activities unless you find out through verification.

Verification needs may vary depending on the industry in which you are operating. For example, verifying credentials must be taken seriously if you are in any other sector that relies on formal education, for example, a medical or mental health institution or a law firm.

Background checks may also be relevant if the new hire would be responsible for handling finances, whether accounts or investments.

Licensure checking is important for employers looking to hire experienced individuals – especially for a job that needs a special license like running earth-moving vehicles or heavy machinery.

Lastly, running criminal background checks minimises a company’s risk profile. Any well-established business would want to ensure they’re hiring staff that is not only compliant but not a threat to the staff, client base, or the business as a whole. Not every applicant is necessarily involved in some criminal activity, but running criminal checks provides a deeper insight into the character of the people they’re hiring. When using a background checking and verifying platform like Idenfo Direct, you can be sure that employees are thoroughly checked in a manner that is both thorough and quick – in this situation, you and your business are better off safe than sorry.

Personal Safety

Rather than just in a professional capacity, background checks can be highly useful on personal levels as an online security measure. An individual can keep track of credit history, so the screening platform provides details of any accounts, files, or bankruptcies in your past, giving you a detailed insight into the overall financial health.

Additionally, having a profile on a verification platform can help verify addresses and other personal details that don’t match. While it is possible to have errors, verification can highlight potential risks of identity fraud.

In a nutshell

The demands for safety evolve as business practices do. Trusting an individual by their word and communication style used to be a good profile, but it seems neither practical nor wise anymore. With platforms like Idenfo Direct, it has become easier and quicker than ever to safeguard ourselves, which was not possible before. There is no excuse anymore to hire employees without thorough and effective checks, as you could potentially risk your business, other employees, and client base. Idenfo Direct allows you to verify and check the background of potential employees quickly and in detail and saves you from hiring somebody whilst being unaware of their background.

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